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Fettle Pure Pumpkin Powder

Fettle Pure Pumpkin Powder

This delicious 100% pure pumpkin powder is a great aid for your loyal companion's bowel movements and a perfect remedy for healthy anal glands.

250g pouch.

• stop bum scooting

• get rid of fishy odours

• firm up sloppy stools

• alleviate diarrhoea & constipation

• all-natural ingredients

• 30 servings per pouch

• suitable for dogs & cats of all ages

  • Anal Glands

    If you pup is giving off a foul fishy smell, this can be a sign of full anal glands. pumpkin powder is a rich source of fibre and can help firm up stools and aid the removal of this ouder.

  • Stomach Soother

    Dogs & Cats commonly experience digestive issues. pumpkin's natural properties can help regulate bowel movements, providing relief from both diarrhoea and constipation.

  • Fussy Eater Approved

    Even the most fussy pets find its taste irresistible, making mealtime a breeze. use it as a topper, a frozen treat, puree or simply bake with it.

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