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These chews contain a number of beneficial minerals and they are incredibly hard and long lasting. Your dog will find them exciting and irresistible.

This is a totally natural product, free from additives or preservatives, its hypoallergenic, just pure and natural, with the bonus that no deer are ever harmed for their antlers.

Healthy, unprocessed, nutritious, long-lasting chews for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Finest quality….not all antler chews are the same!

Only premium grade, naturally shed antler from wild roaming deer.


Why it's sooo good:

High in natural minerals and nutrients

Helps improve circulation and metabolism, reduces cholesterol

Strengthens bone structure, muscles and joints

Maintains healthy cells, aids the immune system

Helps prevent inflamation from arthritic conditions

Made from our Grade A antlers that are naturally shed each year, from free ranging deer that live natural lives.

Low odour, no stains and lasts for ages.


Medium Size:

The weight will be 75g+

Large Size:

The weight will be 150g+

Extra Large Size:

The weight will be 225g+

As this is a natural product, the antlers will vary in shape and size.

Dogs should always be supervised while using this chew.

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