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We are a Husband (Adam) and Wife (Sophie) home run small business team.

Bonez Bakehouse was born out of my love of baking and passion for ensuring dogs eat the right foods.

We have 2 cats and 3 dogs in our humble abode.
Sophie my wife started her own dog walking company in 2019,
which has gone from strength to strength. I have always loved to cook and after we got our first dog Cali in 2020, started to experiment with baking dog treats. Sophie my wife is very knowledgeable with animal health and well-being and wanted only the best for Cali. She always says you get out of a dog what you put into them. Not only training wise but also food/nutrition. Initially we were going to start off with baking and selling our own goods (which is still in process), however we realized that there is a-lot to go though to get your self licensed to commence selling. As such we decided to start off on a different path and look into the world of natural treats. From there we designed our website, business name and logo (all home done) and began looking for suppliers.

We then started looking for packaging suppliers, designing labels etc and started off with a small range of treats and are growing all the time.

In 2022 we even launched our first kibble range.
We are both very passionate about trying to provide only the best nutritional food and treats for dogs. Hopeful that we may be able to help to give people the tools and knowledge around dog nutrition and supply high-quality food and treats for all the pooches in the world


benefits and features of our food

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